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Buyer Beware !!

So you think you know what you're doing? Think again!!

Welcome to the Great TV Aerial Swindle

Google and your Local Directories are littered with multiple Aerial Installers displaying “local” phone numbers and ALL claiming to be “local" businesses.

 The only time these outfits become “local” is when they get here from where-ever they set off from – which won’t be anywhere close to North Lincolnshire

  1. Anyone from any location can buy a localised phone number and divert it to wherever their base really is.

  2. To draw you in, they claim to be "local" and to having "local" engineers. They're lying. 

  3. The only guarantee you will have, is that a huge hole in your bank balance is coming.

  4. You WILL regret their visit.

  5. The elderly are their favourite target.

  6. Don’t become yet another victim. Get the job done properly and not be properly “done".

Call the Trusted Local Service - AerialMan (Steve Walker)
Scunthorpe: 01724 841660 - Direct: 07926

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